FISA 2015 - Future Internet Services and Applications

A track of the 24th IEEE WETICE Conference, June 15-18 Larnaca, Cyprus


We target contributions from both academia and industrials on the following topics, but not limited to:

  • Modeling, Provisioning and Management
    • Collaborative technologies for QoS Management of SOA and Cloud architectures
    • Service Virtualization for SOA
    • Collaborative Management of Virtualized Cloud Resources
    • Monitoring of Cloud Services
    • Reconfiguration and recovery of Cloud Services
    • Modeling and Specification of collaborative Cloud services
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Negotiation, Automation and Orchestration for Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Federation
    • Availability and Reliability of Collaborative Cloud
  • Data Protection
    • Privacy and Trust for the Cloud
    • Accountability/Privacy techniques and models
    • Accountability/Privacy of Web and cloud services
    • Accountability/Privacy policy description frameworks
    • Accountability/Privacy aware software design, development and composition
    • Auditing of cloud services
    • Accountability evidences
    • Tools and frameworks for accountability
  • Data Collection, Storage and Analysis
    • Elastic databases and storage services
    • Elastic data filtering systems
    • Large scale data analysis techniques and algorithms
    • Anonymity preserving data analysis techniques and algorithms