Double Gate Molecular Electronics Emerging Technologies


1- A. Amara, O. Rozeau, "Doube-gate Devices: Technology & Design", Springer 2008

This book on Double-Gates devices and circuit is unique and aims to reinforce the synergy between the research activities on CMOS sub-32nm devices and the design of elementary cells. The goal is to point out how we can take advantage of new transistor structures to come up with new basic cells and concepts that exploit the electrical features of these new devices and the breakthrough they bring. "Planar Double-Gate Transistor" will mainly focus on SOI CMOS transistors, fully depleted with double independent planar Gates (Independent Planar Double Gates Transistors: IPDGT), a potential candidate for the sub-32 nm technological nodes as planned by the current ITRS Roadmap.

2- A. Jalabert, A. Amara, F. Clermidy, "Molecular Electronics: Material, Devices and Applications", Springer 2008

How to develop innovative architectures based on emerging molecular devices? The simple yet ambitious objective of Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications is to give the reader the necessary information to understand the challenges and opportunities of this recent field of research. In order to provide a good overview and understanding, the main molecular devices are first presented. A complete set of presentation and discussion of the actual molecular architectures follows. Nevertheless, another goal of Molecular Electronics Materials, Devices and Applications is also to promote a practical approach. As a starting point for future developments, a pragmatic methodology for VHDL-AMS device modelling and circuit design based on experimental data is then proposed. It includes an original fault tolerant memory architecture based on molecular electronics.

3- A. Amara, T. Ea, M. Belleville Emerging Technologies & Circuits Springer 2010

With the semiconductor market growth, new Integrated Circuit designs are pushing the limit of the technology and in some cases, require specific fine-tuning of certain process modules in manufacturing. Thus the communities of design and technology are increasingly intertwined. The issues that require close interactions and collaboration for trade-off and optimization across the design/device/process fields are addressed in Emerging Technologies and Circuits. It contains a set of outstanding papers, keynote and tutorials presented during 3 days at the International Conference On Integrated Circuit Design and Technology (ICICDT) held in June 2008 in Minatec, Grenoble. The selected papers are spread over 5 chapters covering various aspects of emerging technologies and devices, advanced circuit design, reliability, variability issues and solutions, advanced memories and analog and mixed signals. All these papers are focusing on design and technology interactions and comply with the scope of the conference.

Chapters in books

1- C. Anghel, A. Amara ; Beyond conventional CMOS technology: Challenges for new design concepts - Springer 2011

2- B.Giraud, O. Thomas, A. Amara, A. Vladimirescu, M. Belleville SRAM Circuit Design With Double-Gate Devices: Technology and Design - Springer 2008

3- A. Amara, P. Royannez VHDL for  Low-Power Electronics Design CRC Press, USA 2004



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